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2023 Annual Report

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Meet Alennium, CBA’s new sustainable aluminum label.
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Digital passport

Trust and transparency in what we produce and who we are
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100% Transparency Movement

In 2021 CBA became one of the first companies to join the 100% Transparency Movement, an initiative linked to the Global Compact Network Brazil.
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Climate agenda report

Check out the CBA 2023 climate agenda report.
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Welcome to CBA

And we produce aluminum solutions that transform people’s lives

Since 1955, CBA - Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio - operates in an integrated manner, from mining to the final product. With the capacity to generate 100% of the energy consumed through renewable sources, CBA provides intelligent solutions for the packaging, transport, automotive, civil construction and consumer goods markets, in addition to being a leader in the recycling of industrial aluminum scrap. CBA is committed to ensuring the supply of low-carbon aluminum in partnership with stakeholders, developing the communities in which it operates and promoting the preservation of biodiversity.

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We’re building the future


Um alumínio melhor para um mundo melhor

Queremos, cada vez mais, produzir um alumínio de baixo carbono e oferecer soluções sustentáveis aos desafios  do mundo.

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