Digital passport

Trust and transparency in that we produce and are

That’s the purpose of the passport digital of CBA products, which now part of our tools communication about our portfolio.

O futuro é de alumínio

We believe that a relationship of trust between #ourCBA and partners only happens for means of clear attributes and transparency of
our information, actions, projects and initiatives. That’s why we launched the passport digital for CBA products, in the areas of Primary and Transformed.

Through this initiative, our customers will be able to easily track performance data, certifications and Company practices associated with the production of these products.

Through this technology, we demonstrate our commitment to the origin and integrity of these products throughout their entire production chain. All of this data is reliable, secured by a third party, and traceable via Blockchain technology, which further reinforces our commitment to digital transformation.

Because for us, it only makes sense if we go together!

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Check below the traceable products via Blockchain technology


We produce aluminum for multiple applications, in different ways. Raw, refined or shaped ore, investments continual improvements in processes and technology state-of-the-art equipment guarantee the quality of the products
CBA primers.



From the window of the house to the roof of the bus. From the long life package to the solar panel. Aluminum is everywhere, transforming cities and society.

img-perfil.jpgExtruded profiles
img-chapas.jpgSheet and coils

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