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Why alumínio?


Durable, flexible, lightweight, energy-efficient, corrosion-resistant and recyclable. These are some of the unique properties of aluminum.


CBA is committed to making a positive contribution to society and the environment, and is an industry leader for low-carbon aluminum.


We want to inspire people to build a better world and create solutions that transform people’s lives.


Global trends are creating an increased demand for aluminum. This makes it a material of choice for a more sustainable future.

Did you know?

CBA produces aluminium products that are used across all three segments of the electricity supply chain: generation, transmission and distribution.

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In generation, we provide solutions for photovoltaic panels, aluminum roofing structures for floating plants, and aluminum for large hydroelectric dam structures.

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In transmission, we supply sheet and foil to transformer manufacturers.

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In distribution, we supply aluminum profiles used to make conductor tubes for substations.

Innovation and market development

We recognize that a better future can only be built by working together. That is why we develop co-creation and co-engineering projects that leverage our delivery of solutions and create and share value from our projects.

This provides opportunities to deploy new technologies and new business models, and strengthens our long-term relationships.

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Innovation Manifesto

At CBA we believe that each of us can INNOVATE!

Innovation is a part of our history. For more than six decades, we have delivered products, services and solutions that have helped to shape society, driving transformations beyond our industry.

We believe transparency and employee engagement with the external environment, combined with a trust-based working environment that is open to new ideas, can catalyze innovation. In this journey, we give employees autonomy to experiment and gain new experience, and we implement initiatives and methodologies that encourage intra-entrepreneurship, in line with our values of product safety and quality.

Innovation and collaboration in practice

Whether it’s within the company—such as optimizing our logistics to make it more sustainable—or for our customers, we work to innovate in our business, processes and solutions to support our markets’ development.

See some selected case studies below


Agile methodologies

CBA has an average of 80 to 100 innovation and co-creation projects in our pipeline at any given time, using a combination of different methodologies including Design Thinking, Quick Prototyping, Lean Startup, Value Proposition Canvas, Scrum and Kanban. These projects all take environmental, social and governance considerations into account, and are led by squads—or multidisciplinary teams of experienced professionals with their own defined goals, which they work towards autonomously.

Opportunities for innovation can come from different sources, such as CBA’s IdeAl ideation program, market intelligence, technology insights, inputs from commercial teams, customer requirements, innovation programs and industry interactions. We develop those ideas into products by co-creating with our customers, who play an active role throughout the process. We also draw inputs from key players in our value chain, including suppliers, specialized consultants, research institutions, universities, end users, startups and innovation hubs.

Solutions and services

CBA has two Solutions & Services Centers (CSS), one at our plant in Alumínio (SP) and the other at our facility in Caxias do Sul (RS).

These centers cater to customers’ aluminum processing needs within co-engineering projects, such as grit blasting, anodizing, coating, special cutting operations, machining and market-ready kit assembly.

Some of our ongoing project-related services include:


Module cutting, stamping and drilling


Assembly and welding services to produce finished parts

Automotive and transportation

Cutting, assembly, decalling, quality inspections, and special packaging.

Co-engineered solutions

CBA has pioneered the development of co-designed and co-engineered automotive solutions and structural components.

Examples of these solutions include aluminum door protection bars and bumpers that increase vehicle safety. The high-strength extruded aluminum used to make these parts offers geometric flexibility and avoids the high tooling costs involved in producing stamped steel parts.

Co-engineered solutions are expanding CBA’s portfolio of high-strength alloys for structural applications, previously only available in other markets.

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