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2022 Annual Report


The future is made of aluminum

Aluminum has become an important enabler of low carbon products and solutions that are better for both the environment and society. We believe the future is made of aluminum—and at CBA this future has been here for years, with ESG commitments spanning our entire production process.

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The seal for the new millennium

Alennium is a brand-new label that can be stamped on products manufactured with CBA's low-carbon aluminum, produced with 100% renewable electricity. Consumers can now quickly identify products that are helping to build a more sustainable world for everyone in the next millennium.

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OurCBA in 2022

CBA is an industry-leading producer of low-carbon aluminum, and the only fully vertically integrated aluminum company in Brazil.

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More than

500 thousand

tons of primary and downstream products per year

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R$8.8 billion

in net revenue (+5% compared to 2021)

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Leverage of


(1.08x in 2021)


347.3 thousand

metric tons of molten aluminum produced


R$1.6 billion

in adjusted EBITDA (+6% compared to 2021) 18% (stable vs. 2021)



of financial operations carried out with Sustainability criteria, totaling R$ 817 million raised in 2022


2 million

tons of bauxite processed

The aluminum cycle

Operation highlights in 2022:

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Sustainable mining

CBA reclaims decommissioned mine sites for use in agricultural activities, and fully integrates them with the surrounding landscape through reforestation. We return the land to landowners in better condition than before it was mined. Using a new and more effective reforestation method, in 2022 CBA planted more than 90,000 large-sized saplings of species native to the Atlantic Forest in reforestation areas.
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In 2022 we acquired a 100% equity interest in Alux do Brasil, marking our entry into the secondary aluminum alloy market. At Metalex, we started a new sidewell furnace and continued work on a new scrap treatment line that is due to start operation in mid-2023. In addition, CBA established partnerships to further expand our sources of scrap material during the year.
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Primary Business - Accelerated restart of Pot room 3

We restarted Pot room 3 ahead of schedule in 2022, increasing our production capacity while introducing a new technology that minimizes carbon emissions. In addition, our Alumina Refinery currently boasts the lowest greenhouse gas emissions level in the world*. *According to emissions estimates from the CRU Platform.
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Energy Business

As another important milestone in the year, we took over the management of 23 hydroelectric power plants that were previously managed by Votorantim Energia (now renamed Auren) in 6 Brazilian states, including 17 wholly-owned and 6 jointly-owned power plants. These plants have an installed capacity that meets the entire electricity requirement of our Alumínio plant.
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Downstream Business – Launched Primora, a new brand of aluminum window and door frames

We expanded our market share in the building and construction segment with the launch of our Primora brand of aluminum window and door frames. Learn more at - 90 real estate developments completed with Primora aluminum frame products - 20% improvement in the quality index of packaging foils
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Sustainable Procurement Program

This program was created to extend our sustainability practices across the wider value chain. In 2022: - 100% of strategic suppliers were screened against ESG criteria. - We revised our supplier assessment metrics to include ESG criteria.
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Alongside sustainability, innovation is equally at the core of CBA's strategy.

  • Launched DigitALL, our Digital Transformation Acceleration Program.
  • Created an Innovation & Digital Office.
  • Set up PODs—or multidisciplinary teams devoted to addressing a specific themes within a given timeframe.
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Governance is Key

Ethics, respect, teamwork and transparency are four values we practice daily to ensure we uphold the highest standards of corporate governance.

  • Created a Financial Committee to advise the Board of Directors
  • Issued policies on Information Security, Stakeholder Engagement and Relationships, Human Rights, Corporate Social Responsibility and Independent Auditors.
  • Launched a new Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • Listed to all three B3 ESG indexes: ICO2, IGPTW and ISE.
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Social Value

Our work environment is welcoming, respectful, and inclusive. We care for our employees and encourage their personal and professional growth.

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We revitalized our culture pillars, adding concepts such as digital transformation, innovation, and ESG.
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A More Diverse CBA

- Carried out a Diversity Census. - 168 women trained as metallurgical process operators, in partnership with the National Industrial Training Service (SENAI). - Advance of 4% in the index of women in leadership and 2.7% in the total employees.
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Safety as a priority

We enhanced our Health and Safety Management System with the addition of features such as analytics, smart cameras, virtual training, and department-specific approaches.

Reflora CBA

A new program to reforest disturbed land in legal reserves or protected areas on smallholder properties.



seedlings planted






hectares rehabilitated

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