Dams are an inherent part of aluminium mining and production, and one with significant potential impacts. To prevent dam incidents, these structures need to be maintained in good condition, constantly monitored and kept compliant with applicable regulations.

Waste dams

CBA operates six dams in the municipalities of Alumínio (SP), Itamarati de Minas (MG), Miraí (MG) and Niquelândia (GO): two are for water impoundment, two are mining dams, and two are industrial waste dams. All dams operated by CBA have been built with appropriate materials and never using waste. Learn more about our dam management activities below.

This program is active in the following SDGs

(Sustainable Development Goals)


Our 2030 Goals

Eliminate waste disposal in dams.

Send 100% of dry red mud residue for use in cement production and other applications.

ESG Strategy

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