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We have opportunities for people of all profiles, from first job seekers to experienced leaders.

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Apprentice Program

Our Apprentice Program is one of the main gateways to the company. The program is managed in partnership with Brazil’s Industrial Training Service (SENAI), offering young students aged 18 to 23 the opportunity to start their professional career while receiving vocational guidance and technical training, in a work environment that fosters diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect for people.

Candidates are required to have completed secondary education and to live near the CBA site where the vacancies are available. Candidates are not required to have any specific training or prior experience in activities related to the courses they choose to enroll in.

At the end of the apprenticeship period, students can apply for any available vacancies. You can register for the Apprentice Program via the CBA page on the Gupy recruitment platform.

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Internship program

Each year we offer internship opportunities for university students in a range of disciplines to work at different CBA sites, including our offices, plants and mines.

Selected candidates undergo an induction process and then attend a series of development workshops throughout the program, in which they learn and share their impressions about our values, strategies and collective goals. The internship program has a duration of one year and can be extended.

Learn more on our recruiting platform, cba.gupy.io.

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Partnerships with education institutions

Brazil’s thriving industry derives much of its strength from collaborations between major corporations and public and private universities and research institutions, where new talents are trained for the market. All parties benefit symbiotically from these collaborations—the source of much of the innovation that is helping to make local industry more competitive and driving sustainable development.

We believe in cultivating strong partnerships with these institutions. Below are some of our key initiatives on this front.

Below are some of our key initiatives on this front:

IEL Internship Awards

The IEL Internship Awards, organized by Instituto Euvaldo Lodi (IEL), recognize the best innovation collaborations between companies, students and education institutions through internship programs, connecting students to the job market. IEL is a member of the Industrial System alongside CNI, SENAI and SESI. The awards are granted to innovation projects for their ability to leverage creativity, talent and teamwork, and attract and motivate young talents.

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