Recycling is at the core of our business model

And is part and parcel of sustainability. Cutting down on waste and encouraging recycling is essential for economizing resources, such as raw material, water and energy. This helps diminish pollution and the generation of waste and advances the circular economy.

Within CBA’s ESG strategy, recycling is a pillar underpinning both our administrative practices and our business operations.

We believe corporate strategy and sustainability must go hand in hand. Only through concrete initiatives can we achieve progress toward our targets to make a positive imact on our planet.

Related goals to be achieved by 2030

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    Increase the ratio of aluminum recycled from industrial and end-of-life scrap at Metalex to 80%

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    Increase the ratio of aluminum recycled from industrial and end-of-life scrap in billet production at the Alumínio (SP) plant to 50%

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    Increase the ratio of scrap collected from external sources for recycling

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    Recycle 40,000 metric tons of cartons and flexible packaging per year

Recycling in practice

CBA uses scrap in its aluminum casting processes. In addition to the dedicated recycling plants - Metalex and Alux - the Alumínio and Itapissuma plants also carry out this process. The Alumínio client has a recycling production capacity of 162,000 metric tons a year.

CBA strives to consume more scrap in the production of its products, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while also maximizing the efficient use of resources through material recycling.


CBA acquired Alux do Brasil, one of Brazil’s top producers of secondary aluminum. Located in Nova Odessa (SP), it has a production capacity of 46,000 metric tons per year, and will expand our recycled aluminum capacity by approximately 20%.

The acquisition will also support increasingly low-carbon aluminum production. Our target is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, from mining to smelting.

To find out more about Alux's operations:

Visit the website
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CBA’s Metalex operation is dedicated to recycling aluminum scrap into midstream and downstream aluminum products. The company recycles aluminum scrap generated internally as scrap purchased externally or supplied by customers and partners.

Based in Araçariguama (SP), Metalex is constantly innovating. In 2021 we expanded our production capacity from 75,000 to 90,000 metric tons by investing in a new melting furnace dedicated to recycling.

In 2023 a new scrap separation line will come online, with the capacity to process 100,000 metric tons per year and will not only allow more customers to deliver their scrap for processing, but will also boost the scrap content in the billets produced at Metalex from 60% to 80%.

Learn about Metalex's initiatives:

Visit the website

Circular aluminum

Through Metalex and our Alux do Brasil acquisition, CBA is delivering on its strategy to expand recycling. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and can be used and reused to produce products for consumers. This is the circular economy in action.

CBA uses scrap in its aluminum casting processes. Besides Metalex, a dedicated recycling facility, our Itapissuma and Alumínio plants also use aluminum scrap. In 2022, our Alux do Brasil acquisition will expand CBA’s post-consumer scrap recycling capacity, while our proprietary ReAl technology will allow us to recycle flexible and carton packaging using a breakthrough chemical process.

Other Initiatives

Other leading CBA initiatives related to recycling:


BLEND Project

Developed in 2021 in the Plant’s casting operations, GOLF increases the metal chain's flow. Artificial intelligence allows us to better manage the chain, maximize scrap consumption, as well as optimizing scrap consumption in processes.


Project GOLF (Online Furnace Management)

Developed in 2021 in the Factory's foundry operations, GOLF increases the flow of the metal chain. Through an artificial intelligence system, it allows better management of the chain, maximizing the consumption of its batteries, in addition to optimizing the consumption of its batteries in the processes.

Our initiatives in recycling help us achieve SDGs

(Sustainable Development Goals)


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