Climate change is today one of society’s chief concerns. The aluminium industry is carbon- and energy-intensive, accounting for 1% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and consuming 5% of global energy output in the production of primary aluminium.

However, new technologies and countries’ decarbonization efforts are driving competition toward a sustainable economy and creating significant challenges and opportunities for our market. Aluminium can play a big role in this transition: our lightweight, versatile, durable and infinitely recyclable products are essential enablers of a low-carbon future.

Greenhouse gas emissions management

CBA is one of the largest producers of low-GHG aluminium in the world * . Yet we are constantly working to further cut GHG emissions from our operations as part of our efforts against climate change. Learn below about our progress in this direction:

This program is active in the following SDGs

(Sustainable Development Goals)


Transmission intensity in the electrolysis process / tons of CO and tons of liquid aluminum (2023)

*According to CRU data, our smelter GHG emissions are in the first—and lowest—quartile on a global basis.

** The indicator is calculated based on Scope 1 and 2 emissions at the electrolysis stage.

Our 2030 Goal

Reduce emissions by 40% (on average for cast products, cradle-to-gate, from a 2019 baseline).

ESG Strategy

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