CBA and suppliers

We strive to be respectful and responsible in our relationships with suppliers, from initial screening to monitoring their day-to-day performance, as our partners directly contribute to the quality we deliver to our clients. We believe that supplier selection is more than just about price, quality and lead times: we also consider the extent to which suppliers are aligned with our purpose, as well as taking social, environmental and governance matters into account. Our supplier management practice is governed by our Sustainable Procurement Policy, a program which establishes standards, procedures and training. We also have world-class systems in place for supplier negotiations, onboarding and screening.

Supplier contracting and management process

Supplier scouting
Supplier relationships and monitoring

We have a sustainable sourcing program to enhance the selection and development of our suppliers. Our entire supply chain is included in this new approach to procurement—from small- through medium- to large-sized businesses, and from mining to product delivery to customers.

Our aim with this program is to:
Disseminate our new sustainable procurement policy and strategy.
Select, screen and monitor suppliers against ESG criteria.
Manage contracts in line with CBA’s ESG commitments.
Establish partnerships with strategic suppliers to codevelop sustainable solutions.
Develop our suppliers.
Sustainable Procurement Policy

A well-structured program to enhance our relationships with suppliers can be further strengthened by a policy that addresses key social, environmental and governance considerations.

CBA’s Sustainable Procurement Policy outlines the commitments that we have undertaken and share with our suppliers.

On the environmental front, our focus, among other issues, is on clean energy, efficient natural resource use and waste management.
On the social front, we expect our suppliers to provide decent working conditions to their employees, protect their health and safety, and promote diversity and inclusion.
On the governance front, we expect our partners to act with ethics and integrity and to manage the risks inherent to their business.
Read our Sustainable Procurement Policy.
Become a supplier

In our business activities, we strive to build strong and enduring relationships with our partners and to drive sustainable, mutual growth and development.

All suppliers who are interested in working with us must first know our Code of Conduct (in PDF).

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