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Itapissuma Education Department receives nationwide PVE award



Itapissuma was one of four winners in the most recent edition of the Partnership for Education (PVE) Awards, a Votorantim Institute initiative that aims to improve public education in the municipalities where Votorantim and its portfolio companies operate. The PVE program was extended to Itapissuma in 2021 through a partnership with Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA). In its very first year as a PVE participant, Itapissuma was the top-ranked municipality in the “Financial Education Mentoring” category of the awards.  The award-winning project was developed at the Maria Oliveira and Dilma Cecília municipal schools by students and teachers in primary education and adult education—for people who were unable to finish, dropped out of or did not have access to formal education at the right age. In 2021 the PVE program was present in 66 cities in 15 Brazilian states, with the participation of more than 1,000 schools, impacting over 200,000 students. Under the theme “Innovating to Transform”, the 2021 PVE Awards recognized creative practices and initiatives to help students to continue learning and schools to continue running during the pandemic. “In such a challenging period, we were able to adapt and implement educational practices that have had a meaningful impact on student development and learning, and on the quality of education.  This nationwide recognition is in great part thanks to the support we’ve received through our partnership with CBA,” says Adília Mousinho, head of the teaching division at the Itapissuma Education Department. About PVE The PVE Program is an initiative run by the Votorantim Institute and Votorantim investees and partners committed to improving public education by perfecting education practices and engaging communities around education. In place since 2008, the program operates on three fronts:  Educational Management, School Management and Social Engagement.  To strengthen management, PVE directly contributes to capacity building in education services.  The initiatives work to develop technical professional skills among education departments, education managers and school managers, with a goal of fostering a culture of ongoing training among education professionals broadly. In community engagement, the focus is on mobilizing the community in order to increase local participation in improving the quality of education. Different tools are used to help families engage more closely with their schools, strengthen school boards and empower children. PVE Award The PVE Award was created in 2017 primarily to expand engagement and commitment by various municipal players involved in PVE initiatives, in addition to shedding light on the good practices and initiatives carried out under the Program. The 2021 edition of the Awards recognized creative initiatives that have helped to improve municipal public schools participating in the program.  Awards were presented to a number of projects across the Active Search, Remote Learning, Back to School and Financial Education Mentoring categories. The other three award-winning municipalities alongside Itapissuma were Araripina (PE), Limeira (SP) and Presidente Olegário (MG), in the Remote Learning Practices, Active Search and Back to School categories. About CBA Founded in 1955, Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA) is a vertically integrated, sustainable producer of high-quality aluminum products. With hydroelectric generation capacity for 100% of our energy requirement, CBA’s operations span both bauxite mining and processing into primary aluminum (ingots, billets, rod and slabs) and semi-fabricated products (plate, sheet, foil and profiles). Working closely with customers, CBA also develops tailored solutions and services for the packaging and transportation markets, helping customers to produce more lightweight, durable and sustainable products. CBA is here for you. Visit:

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