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CBA’s environmental program steals the show at 25th edition of the Mining & Metals Industry Excellence Awards



Conceived to promote environmental preservation and rehabilitation, the Reflora Program took the plaudits for its benefits to the environment and the population.   The socio-environmental efforts of Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA) continue to bring about significant transformations and earn recognition in the industry. The Reflora Program was bestowed with the Mining & Metals Industry Excellence Award, promoted by Minérios & Minerales Magazine, at a ceremony held on May 23 at Fundação Dom Cabral in Minas Gerais.   The second edition of the program stole the limelight, which fosters the management, prospecting and technical training for smallholders interested in reforesting Permanent Conservation  Areas (APP) and Legal Reserves (RL), as well as degraded non-protected areas, using native seedlings.  Developed in partnership with Instituto Votorantim and Reservas Votorantim, the initiative provides seedlings and planting services to local landowners and currently covers over 30 cities in the Southeast, Midwest and South regions of Brazil.   "CBA is striving to create a shared value environment with a sustainable operation, developing communities in its geographies and positively influencing the entire aluminum value chain.  This prestigious award reflects our public commitment to fostering sustainability and environmental recovery.  Our goal is to continue working on expanding this and other projects that drive reforestation and biodiversity," says Leandro Faria, CBA's General Sustainability Manager.   In addition to the award, CBA was also invited to give a lecture on its Mobile Beneficiation project, as part of the schedule on May 24 at the 14th Opex 2023 Workshop, an event focused on presenting innovative actions in the mining sector.   The Mobile Beneficiation is a pilot project in partnership with CBA-UFV and equipment suppliers, which aims to produce beneficiated ore near the mine fronts, in compact and semi-mobile facilities. This innovation eliminates waste generation and consequently the need for dams.  In this model, clay-mineral wastes are transformed into a type of ready-to-use and improved soil that can be directly applied to the environmental rehabilitation process of the mined areas.   Christian Fonseca de Andrade, the manager of CBA’s mines in Zona da Mata Mineira and CBA speaker at the event, celebrated the recognition of the company's socio-environmental performance in the region. "It is with great satisfaction that we present innovative projects such as Reflora and Mobile Beneficiation with the production of Tecno-soil, as well as recognizing the role of women in mining. Our performance in the mining sector is being noticed, becoming a benchmark for miners. This recognition motivates us to continue advancing towards an increasingly sustainable mining model," he highlights.   Excellence in the Mining-Metallurgy Industry Award This award has been given for the past 25 years. The Excellence in the Mining-Metallurgy Industry Award is given to disclose projects that increase productivity, reduce costs, and innovation by teams in various areas of a mining concern. These projects are analyzed by an independent jury and the award winners receive a trophy and certificate at an awards ceremony.   About CBA Founded in 1955, Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio - CBA is a vertically integrated producer, from cradle to gate, including recycling. With renewable generation capacity for 100% of its energy requirement, CBA provides sustainable solutions for the packaging, transportation, automotive, building and construction, energy and consumer goods sectors, as well as leading the recycling of industrial aluminum scrap.   Following its flotation in 2021 (CBAV3), it became the first Company in its segment to be traded on B3 and entered the portfolio of B3ISE - Corporate Sustainability Index in the first year it was eligible to do so. With net revenue of R$ 8.4 billion in 2021 and R$ 1.5 billion in adjusted EBITDA in the period, CBA is committed to guaranteeing a supply of low-carbon aluminum in partnership with stakeholders, developing communities in its geographies and conserving biodiversity.   Would you like to know more? Go to

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