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CBA opens registrations for 2023 Apprentice Program



In partnership with SENAI, the Company is offering 76 positions at the Alumínio Plant (SP) for young people to enter the job market   In partnership with the National Industrial Training Service (SENAI), Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA) is accepting registrations for the 2023 Apprentice Program, which runs from April 26 to May 04, through the website The program is aimed at young people aged 18 to 23 who have completed high school and is inclusive of individuals from all backgrounds, as the company fosters human diversity as the cornerstone of its diversity, equity and inclusion policy.   "All applications are more than welcome. In recent years, the participation of women and people with disabilities in various positions has increased as a result of initiatives promoted by CBA to train and encourage the entry of diverse profiles into the industry," says Lucia Garcia, Human and Organizational Development Manager at CBA.   The Apprentice Program is currently one of the main gateways into the company. It provides young people with the opportunity to start their careers in a company that is guided by full respect for individuals, while also cultivating professional development and an inclusive culture.   "CBA offered me my first opportunity to enter the industry. I was able to develop both professionally and personally, improving skills such as problem-solving and enhancements. In addition, I acquired values and knowledge that I carry with me every day, such as safety first," says Nadielly Pontes Nunes, an Apprentice in the Maintenance Mechanic course.   In total, 76 job opportunities will be offered, providing direction and technical qualification, with 40 positions for Metal Process Operators (OPM) course and 36 for Administrative Technician at the Alumínio Plant (SP). The selection process will be conducted in a hybrid format, with in-person interviews and the remaining stages through the Gupy platform.  Communication with candidates will be done through the platform.   Participants will combine the training course - designed and taught by the SENAI plant in Alumínio (SP) - with professional activities at the company, working 6 hours a day. The program is accompanied by a tutor from CBA and is scheduled to start on July 24, 2023, with a duration of 12 or 18 months depending on the desired course, with the work carried out in-person in Alumínio.   "I feel that I am always learning, whether from my mistakes or successes.  This certainly contributes to making me a better person.  In the company, I was able to participate in small things that helped the overall process, and I am happy about that.  I therefore recommend participation.  I believe that the experience we gain here is valuable and makes us better professionals," says Talles Moreira, an Apprentice in the Administration Technician course.   To participate, candidates do not need prior experience in a related field.  Our opportunities are agnostic to gender, color/race, ethnicity, disability, age, ancestry, citizenship status, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, nationality, political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, or any other aspects of diversity.   The selected apprentices will receive transportation allowances, medical and dental benefits, food parcels and on-site meals.   At the end of the process, participants go through an internal selection and may be hired, depending on the availability of positions.   About CBA Founded in 1955, Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio - CBA is a vertically integrated producer, from cradle to gate. Able to generate 100% of energy consumed from renewable sources, CBA provides sustainable solutions for the packaging, transportation, automotive, civil construction and consumer goods sectors, as well as leading the recycling of industrial aluminum scrap.   Following its flotation in 2021 (CBAV3), it became the first Company in its segment to be traded on B3. With net revenue of R$ 8.4 billion in 2021 and R$ 1.5 billion of Adjusted EBITDA in the period, CBA is committed to guaranteeing a supply of low-carbon aluminum in partnership with stakeholders, developing communities in its geographies and conserving biodiversity. Would you like to know more? Go to    CBA Press Office - Agência Fato Relevante [email protected] Giulia Castro - [email protected] | (11) 9.7575-0225 Nayana Arruda - [email protected] | (21) 9.9932-9732 Cleide Rodriguez - [email protected] | (11) 9.9935-0102 Lucíola Correa[email protected] | (62) 9.8135-1670 Fernando Rubino - [email protected] | (11) 9.8268-2838

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