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CBA launches low-carbon aluminum label and a digital passport to make sustainable processes more transparent



Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBAV3) has announced the launch of Alennium, a label certifying the company’s aluminum as low carbon. The new label will make it easier for consumers to identify low-emissions products that are helping to build a more sustainable world for the next millennium. “Our Alennium label certifies that the aluminum CBA produces is sustainable, creating value for the entire value chain,” says Leandro Faria, Head of Sustainability at CBA.  “The label can be used by CBA’s direct customers and on packaging and other end-consumer applications containing our aluminum.”   CBA produces aluminum with fully renewable energy, and emits just 2.56 tons of CO2 equivalent per ton of aluminum at the smelting stage, where primary aluminum is produced—in contrast, the global average is 12.8 tons of CO2 equivalent per ton of aluminum, according to the International Aluminum Institute (IAI).  Our annual emissions inventories, which we use to calculate the emissions content in Alennium-labeled products, are developed using the GHG Protocol and are third party-verified.   CBA has set a target to further reduce its carbon emissions by 40%, cradle to gate, reaffirming its commitment to tackling climate change.  The Company is also the world’s first primary aluminum producer to set emissions reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). This means that its targets are aligned with the Paris Agreement and are effectively helping to mitigate climate change.   CBA’s aluminum production practices have also been certified by the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI), a globally recognized initiative that certifies management systems, processes and products as adhering to the highest standards of sustainability.   “We’ve come to a point where we need to not only take action ourselves but also develop partnerships to implement good sustainability practices  along the value chain.  We are inviting our customers and partners to adopt the label to help increase awareness and uptake of low-carbon products,” says Faria.     Digital transformation  Among CBA’s many recent innovations is a “Digital Passport”: a new technology that allows customers to track sustainability and carbon emissions information about the aluminum CBA produces.  The tool will be accessible via a QR Code that CBA customers can add to their products and platforms.   CBA developed the digital passport using blockchain technology, which provides enhanced information security, reliability and traceability for users accessing its content.   “This is one of several initiatives to develop technologies for increased transparency, building on our ESG agenda.  We have launched the digital passport as a trusted source of information about our aluminum, providing buyers with detailed technical, production, emissions and traceability information about the product they are purchasing from us,” says Faria.     About CBA About CBA Founded in 1955, Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio – CBA is a vertically integrated producer, from cradle to gate, including recycling. With renewable generation capacity for 100% of its energy requirement, CBA provides sustainable solutions for the packaging, transportation, automotive, building and construction, energy and consumer goods sectors, as well as leading the recycling of industrial aluminum scrap.   Following its flotation in 2021 (CBAV3), it became the first company in its segment to be traded on B3. With net revenue of R$ 8.4 billion in 2021 and R$ 1.5 billion in Adjusted EBITDA in the period, CBA is committed to guaranteeing a supply of low-carbon aluminum in partnership with stakeholders, developing communities in its geographies and conserving biodiversity.   Would you like to know more? Go to     CBA Press Office – Agência Fato Relevante [email protected] Giulia Castro – [email protected] | (11) 9.7575-0225 Nayana Arruda – [email protected] | (21) 9.9932-9732 Cleide Rodriguez – [email protected] | (11) 9.9935-0102 Marcos Viesi – [email protected] | (11) 9.7642-3998 Fernando Rubino – [email protected] | (11) 9.8268-2838

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