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CBA celebrates the results of an income generation program with seamstresses in Miraí



Since 2018, Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA) has helped develop and professionally train the seamstresses in this association, also known as Confisarp, located in Miraí (MG) so that it may increase the income of its members. The Company, the Votorantim Institute, and the BNDES, Brazil’s Bank for Economic and Social Development, helped provide infrastructure, training, and qualification. In 2021, CBA helped launch the association’s brand, allowing it to act independently in the market as of 2022. Among the main outcomes are an over 60% increase in the monthly income of associates, a new business plan and new clients, as well as new headquarters twice as large as the previous premises, with new and ergonomic equipment. Twenty-two women have benefited from the project, which contributes to female empowerment and better quality of life for families, the community, and the city.   “We moved to our new premises and have had courses and meetings to get a new vision of the market and expand what we had already built. Everything we developed with CBA and the Votorantim Institute was critical for our growth. Thanks to the partnership we took a small dream and transformed it into our greatest source of price. We are very happy with the achievements of this project”, said Confisarp production manager Ana Lúcia Sousa Oliveira.   The partnership also contributed to the region’s diversity and inclusion indicators, and added life stores, experiences, and points of view to create a more equitable, democratic, and healthy environment.   Successful Partnership In 2008 CBA donated some land to build the Confisarp headquarters. This donation encouraged the Association to seek other partners to support construction and new equipment for their headquarters. The Association directly benefits members and their families, and indirectly the entire community of Santo Antônio do Rio Preto, some 7 km from the CBA plant in Miraí. In 2018, the Association joined the ReDes (Networks) program, a joint initiative of the Votorantim Institute and the BNDES, Brazil’s National Bank for Economic Development, funded by CBA. The goal of the program is to encourage local income, providing technical, financial, and managerial support to strengthen inclusive production chains. In October 2018 the association’s headquarters were revamped with the support of CBA, expanding the area and improving ventilation. A second floor was also added, along with a computer, ergonomic equipment, PPE, shelves for inventory, a fully equipped coffee room, office furniture, and 14 low-energy, safer sewing machines reducing production costs and increasing workplace safety. An automobile was also provided. The new facility was inaugurated in November 2019. In 2020, collaboration between CBA and the Association enabled it to produce some 13 thousand disposable masks for mid-sized companies and Votorantim S.A. affiliates such as Votorantim Cement and CBA itself, keeping the association going and ensuring an alternative source of income for members during the pandemic. That same year the project received the Excellence Award in the Mining and Metallurgy Industry given by Minérios & Minerales Magazine to companies that stand out for making the Mining and Metallurgy industry more modern and competitive in the “Environment and Community” category”. Confisarp strives to develop as an association, monitored by CBA and the Votorantim Institute, which is responsible for the social projects of VSA Affiliates. “Of course there will always be new challenges, but given our achievements thus far we know we can achieve more. All this was possible thanks to the project. We thank everyone for the support they gave us”, completed Ana Lúcia.

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