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CBA acquires Shuttlewagon Railcar Mover equipment, reducing carbon emissions in bauxite transportation by up to 30%



Wabtec mover features exclusive traction technology based on direct tire-to-track contact, reducing fuel and maintenance costs CBA – Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio - has recently acquired a new railcar transportation asset for its Alumínio/SP plant. Called the railcar mover, this machine replaces old shunting locomotives and is capable of moving on both tracks and roads, using exclusive technology to consume less fuel with low maintenance costs.   The NVX8040 model made by Wabtec features traction based on direct tire-to-track contact, enabling movement between the yard tracks or even off the tracks for refueling purposes. Furthermore, as it is much lighter than a traditional locomotive, the mover uses less fuel, resulting in an expected reduction of carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to the previous equipment.   This new acquisition is part of CBA's 2030 ESG Strategy to reduce carbon emissions by 40% across the entire primary aluminum production chain, from mining to smelting. So far, the Company has already achieved a reduction of 26.1% compared to the 2019 baseline.   "For CBA, investing in acquisitions like this is a cause for celebration. Every day, we strive to seek better equipment and practices to maintain our sustainable production and contribute to a low-carbon economy. We are extremely confident in the results we will achieve with Wabtec's equipment," comments Roseli Milagres, Supply Chain Officer at CBA.   "Wabtec's mission is to unleash the potential of our customers by delivering innovative and enduring transportation solutions, leading the railway decarbonization journey. The Shuttlewagon Rail Car Mover NVX8040 delivers on this commitment of ours by providing energy efficiency, emission reduction and operational cost savings. It is a technologically advanced equipment with unique traction capabilities in the market, being a disruptive solution for various railway and industrial operations," says Danilo Miyasato, CEO and Regional Leader of Wabtec in Latin America. About CBA Founded in 1955, Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio - CBA is a vertically integrated producer, from cradle to gate, including recycling. Able to generate 100% of energy consumed from renewable sources, CBA provides sustainable solutions for the packaging, transportation, automotive, civil construction, energy and consumer goods sectors, as well as leading the recycling of industrial aluminum scrap.   Following its flotation in 2021 (CBAV3), it became the first Company in its segment to be traded on B3 and entered the portfolio of B3ISE - Corporate Sustainability Index in the first year it was eligible to do so. With net revenue of R$ 8.4 billion in 2021 and R$ 1.5 billion in adjusted EBITDA in the period, CBA is committed to guaranteeing a supply of low-carbon aluminum in partnership with stakeholders, developing communities in its geographies and conserving biodiversity.   Would you like to know more? Go to   Press Office - CBA - Agência Fato Relevante [email protected] Giulia Castro - [email protected] | (11) 9.7575-0225 Nayana Arruda - [email protected] | (21) 9.9932-9732 Cleide Rodriguez - [email protected] | (11) 9.9935-0102 Lucíola Correa – [email protected] | (62) 9.8135-1670 Fernando Rubino - [email protected] | (11) 9.8268-2838

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