Delivering more than just economic results is an imperative for businesses today. Increasing our ability to create value for the world through our products and services is a valuable opportunity to deliver solutions that address social challenges while also supporting the development of the business and neighboring communities. By establishing communications channels and partnerships with communities, we are striving to build win-win relationships.

Social Legacy

In a partnership with the Votorantim Institute, CBA is working to create social value across three pillars: education, economic development and public management support.

This program is active in the following SDGs

(Sustainable Development Goals)


Our 2030 Goals

100% SLA conformity in social programs.

Secure 1-to-1 match funding from co-investors for corporate social investment (i.e. co-investors pledging a dollar for every dollar invested by CBA, to enhance the impact from initiatives).

Contribute to strengthening recycling cooperatives in Brazil.

*To be defined for each municipality in which we operate

ESG Straategy

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