Our energy for the future

CBA generates electricity from renewable and sustainable sources.

The transition to a carbon-neutral energy mix is more urgent than ever, and is among our priorities. We generate electricity at 21 hydropower plants in the South, Southeast and Midwest of Brazil, with an installed capacity of 1.4 GW. CBA operates 0.6 GW of this total capacity, and partner joint ventures operate the remaining 0.8 GW.

Having renewable generation capabilities at the heart of our business ensures a self-sufficient supply of electricity to our plants. It also creates new business opportunities for the future, such as selling surplus electricity to the National Grid.

As in everything we do, we manage our hydropower plants with a focus on occupational and operational safety and quality of service.

Renewable generation assets
Renewable generation assets
Piraju HPP
80 MW
Ourinhos HPP
44 MW
França HHP
29 MW
Fumaça HHP
36 MW
Alecrim HHP
72 MW
Porto Raso HHP
28 MW
Barra HHP
40 MW
Serraria HHP
24 MW
Salto do Iporanga HHP
37 MW
Itupararanga HHP
55 MW
Jurupará HHP
7 MW
Santa Helena HHP
2 MW
Votorantim HHP
3 MW
Sobragi HPP
80 MW
Salto do Rio Verdinho HPP
93 MW
Energy Facts

  • CBA is the 2nd largest energy consumer and the 35th largest energy generator in Brazil
  • CBA consumed 690 averageMW in 2021
  • All the energy CBA consumes comes from renewable sources.
  • New sources of energy are being explored, including new solar farms.
  • CBA partly owns the Ventos Santo Anselmo and Ventos Santo Isidoro windfarms which go online in 2023, boosting its portfolio 171,60MW