Managing impacts from our value chain is central to taking sustainability beyond our company walls. Large organizations have real opportunities to influence change at different links in the value chain. This can have a multiplying effect, creating benefits for the business, society and the planet in a virtuous cycle of collaboration for sustainability.

Sustainable Procurement

Engaging with our suppliers around ESG helps to reduce exposure to business risks and is an important way to drive sustainability beyond the fence line. We believe a sustainable supply chain is one where all players address their own future needs while also expanding their focus across broader economic, social, ethical and environmental aspects.

This program is active in the following SDGs

(Sustainable Development Goals)


Our 2030 Goals

100% of suppliers compliant with CBA’s Sustainable Procurement Policy.

Increase local sourcing from SMEs by 10%.

Sustainable Solutions for Customers

Societal and market expectations around product sustainability are becoming increasingly demanding. Aluminum offers uniquely vast possibilities in key industries—from automotive through building and construction to packaging and energy. Meanwhile, innovation and industry 4.0 are helping to connect B2B segments to companies’ increasingly agile and digital operations. This is creating new patterns of interaction among companies and their business partners. At CBA, our Market Development and Innovation department drives new market and product development through short-, medium- and long-term projects that support customers’ sustainability aspirations.

This program is active in the following SDGs

(Sustainable Development Goals)


Our 2030 Goals

100% of billets produced at Metalex with greenhouse gas emissions lower than 1.4 tCO2/t.

Higher revenues from sustainable solutions for downstream customers*.
*At the Alumínio and Itapissuma plants.

OUR ESG Strategy

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